Dhyana Pura Beach Resort - seminyak

The resort is delightfully located on the beautiful sandy beach of Seminyak, Kuta, Bali.

Back in the 70's Dhyana Pura named to represent its own unique abode which means place of the nature spirit; those who seek rejuvenating their spirit will find true refresh.

Established in 1976 Dhyana Pura Beach Resort was initially dedicated for a place to retreat body and soul as this 3,8 hectares property was the only reason people come to the area of Seminyak which, at time was still a hidden paradise. Hence the street was named Jalan Dhyana Pura.

Combining meditation and the nature healing atmosphere, people find the resort a perfect place to find their true self. In those early days, the first 90 rooms were built to accommodate as contemplation place along with its two-story hall for group meditation.

Surrounded by a green grass in between buildings, the resort is an idyllic site for a family get together or a company outing, for we could easily turn these grass area into a team building place or a party place.

Welcoming guest is a nature for us as it will bring fond memories of the nature spirit lives in this resort.