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Besakih Temple & East Bali Inclusive Lunch

This tour takes you to the Besakih Temple at the foot of Mount Agung, through ricefields terraces and along to Bali’s scenic east coast.
First stop is the majestic Kerta Gosa .  

Kertagosa is located in the town of Klungkung, once the center of Bali’s smallest but most important kingdom and a great artistic and cultural focal point. View the painted ceiling of the Kerta Gosa (Hall of Justice) depicting the punishments awaiting evil-doers in hell and the delights of the gods in heaven, is a superb example of architecture.

Continue up into the mountains, stopping to admire the view from Bukit Jambul over rice terraces with the sea glistening in the distance. Then it’s on to Besakih Temple, almost 1,000 meters above sea level. Besakih is the “Mother Temple” of Bali and probably originated as a prehistoric sanctuary where offerings were made to the god of Mount Agung. The complex houses 30 temple, made up of 7 levels of terraces in the mountainside.

From Besakih, drive down through spectacularly terraced rice fields to Putung with its panoramic views out over the sea.

Our afternoon visit is to Tenganan one of the remaining Bali Aga original Balinese Village.  Leading a tight communal life the 300 villager, people of Tenganan are Bali’s oldest inhabitants and regard themselves as divinely blessed, carry out unusual customs, festivals, and practices. As a result they have their own strict laws, including the practice of endogamy (marrying within the village). Ritual clothing is an indispensable part of the village’s sacred order, their double ikat fabrics, known as Geringsing, ranking among the masterpieces of traditional textile.  
Drive through the beach resorts of Candidasa to Kusamba fishing village where fishing and salt panning are still the villagers’ main livelihood. See the black sand beaches and look out for colourfully painted outrigger canoes.

Last stop is  at the cavernous Goa Lawah bat cave. The cave itself is home to hundreds of thousands of bats and the temple has been built in front of the entrance. The combination of squeaking bats, crowds of kneeling devotees with colorful offerings, burning incense and priest’s prayers make a visit to Goa Lawah during a ceremony a fascinating experience. The cave is considered to be holy, with shrines and a temple protecting the entrance.

Duration: Approx. 08:30-17:30