Ubud Arts & Crafts

In this tour, you will see the richness of arts & crafts in Bali. The center of all these works are mainly located in Gianyar regency. In this tour, you will visit some villages where you will be able to see the craftsmen at work.
Celuk village is known for its gold and silver works. Skilled artisans, man of whom are young boys/girls, creating exquisite pieces in gold and silver, often with delicate filigree work.

Mas village is famous for its intricate woodcarving, and you can visit workshops to see talented individuals crafting items of all kinds from ebony and other hardwoods.

In Ubud, the centre of Bali’s arts & crafts, there are dozens of galleries and shops filled with paintings and sculptures. Visit to Puri Lukisan Museum & Art Gallery, which is set in a lovely garden and has ancient paintings on display.

Duration: Approx. 08:30-13:00