Waka Nusa - lembongan island

We don’t have air conditioning, intercom, TV set or telephone in the rooms - in Waka Nusa we think differently than most of the hotels in Bali .

During your stay at the resort, you will observe that the bay is a very active island port. Local perahus bringing everyday to the islanders - building materials, foods supplies, animals and of course tourists the fishing boats sail away every morning around 2 AM are and back by 7 AM. At he end of the day, the local people have a traditional "mandi" (shower) at the village baths located behind the Resort before joining the usual cockfight in front of the temple at 5 PM.

An intimate resort located on a lovely island called Lembongan. Offering 10 villas with thatched roofs and uncomplicated frame work, Waka Nusa Hotel is effortlessly charming and proves to be a great sanctuary for those in search of a quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle of Kuta. Located 12 km east of Bali, each villa features clean and comfortable rooms equipped with an array of modern conveniences you can find in any fine hotels around the world. The resort boasts a small lovely pool with lots of chairs to laze on. If desire, venture out of the hotel’s vicinity to experience local culture or hire a mountain bike or scooter to explore the island. Be sure to visit to Sunset Beach Cafe – offering the best sunset view on the island. Waka Nusa is a truly romantic getaway with crystal clear waters and pristine white sandy beaches.