Chateau de Bali - jimbaran

Chateau de Bali Ungasan Luxury Villas & Spa, a newly 5 star luxury villas offers the ultimate in holiday luxury combined with the indulgence of exceptional personal service within an exclusive world. Elegant contemporary villas, with private swimming pool, Balinese gazebo and lush tropical garden, are complimented by international flavors and elite clubhouse facilities. It’s perfect setting of pure serenity utmost privacy and unrivalled luxury. Perched in the stunning hill of Ungasan village face overlooking to the Indian Ocean. Chateau de Bali Ungasan Luxury Villas & Spa embraces the mystique of Bali with the unique natural charm, beauty and culture.

Features 96 wellness ocean view villas, spa, club lounge, wine bar, Chateau de Bali at Ungasan village is an urban retreat in a sanctuary-like setting, dedicated to the total wellbeing, rejuvenation and relaxation of the human body, mind and spirit.

Chateau de Bali Ungasan Luxury Villas & Spa, carved in the most stunning of landscape on the beautiful hill of Ungasan village. Chateau de Bali Ungasan is gracefully positioned at the village with magnificent views of the majestic ocean and Bali’s premier Golf course, creating an ultimate sense of calm and serenity. Whether your gathering includes matters of the state or business or is purely of a social nature, rest assured that Chateau de Bali Ungasan offers an exceptional setting for important events, corporate meetings, personal celebration and cherished family affairs. With a warm hospitality and memory for every detail requirement of guest, we are astute in the artistry of service.