Regular Day Cruise Sailing Catamaran - Lembongan Island with The Waka - lembongan island

The moment you board your 16 meter sailing catamaran in Benoa harbor you begin your unique Waka sailing experience. As you sail out into the Badung Strait, relax and enjoy a breakfast of fruit juice, soft drink, coffee, and fresh-baked pastries. Soon, your Balinese crew will hoist the massive mainsail to carry you across the seas to your private beach resort on Lembongan Island.   All you have to do is settle back and relax to the sounds of the sea, and the wind in the sail. On the way, we often see dolphins playing in the warm tropical waters, or we troll for surface fish, blue-green mahi mahi or gun-metal tuna, which become an incredibly fresh addition to your delicious BBQ lunch on the island. We share the glittering open waters with fishing prahus carrying their cargoes to the smaller islands, and you see the great volcano, Gunung Agung (which the Balinese call "the Navel of the world") emerging from the clouds.

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