Casa Padma Hotel & Suites - legian

A Small and friendly hotel in Bali featuring offering clean, spacious and comfortable accommodation with the emphasis on guest satisfaction and care. A unique designed ‘U’ shaped fully lit swimming..

Casa Padma Hotel and Suite in Bali Casa Padma Hotel and Suite is a resort which ranks amongst the most popular Hotels in Bali .

As it welcomes its guests to an abode of comfort and convenience, the hotel spells an ideal resort to all.

Casa Padma Hotel and Suite of Bali is indeed an accommodation which vows to provide the very best and thus give its guests the finest value for their money.

With a melting hospitality, a fine range of amenities and a most convenient location to add to the charm, the hotel poses to be a most satisfying resort.

The Location of Casa Padma Hotel and Suite in Bali is a major reason for making the hotel a popular destination for the tourists .

The Casa Padma Suites has 29 Rooms and Suites in total; includes  6 units of Standard Rooms, 13 units of Superior Suites, 8 units of Deluxe Suites and 2 units of Mini Suites. All suites are provided with cubical shower and bathtub, except of the Mini Suites only have a bathtub. Standard Rooms only have a cubical shower. Six out of the total eight Deluxe Suites have King Sized Twins. All other rooms have King Sized beds except of two Standard Rooms that come with twin beds.